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70's inspired design is super-hot this season! Retro colour palettes, details and prints infused the runways with a fun 70's vibe: Brown is the new black - earthy espresso, chocolate, hazelnut and coffee get a 21st century update - the hues are rich, not flat and boldly paired with black (yes, brown and black DO go together - Fendi and Chloe say so!).  Or fire up the intensity by pairing with vibrant orange or green.  Fringing - this design detail never gets old if done well.  Well placed tendrils on a tote, boot or wrap add just the right touch of vintage classic chic. Track-suit-esque, wide-leg trousers were all the rage at Mira Mikati.  For off- runway wear,  choose high-waisted options...
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TA DA!  The humble bow gets a GIANT makeover this season -  the perfect accent to compliment a dramatic entrance (think Liza Doolittle in the "My Fair Lady" Ascot scene).    Like the "cherry on top" of the sundae, or the punctuation at the end of a great sentence, 'The Bow' rules. Bows make us smile or instinctively focus our attention so its not surprising many of the most memorable looks from the recent shows featured this classic fashion staple - reinterpreted. From Maison Margiela, to Valentino to Dice Kayek, AW/18 runway models were elegantly gift-wrapped.  Big, bold and bright poofs worn askew at the neck or languid strips of chiffon or silk ribbons - sculptural or free flowing -...
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Independents Day!

Over the last 10 years something unexpected has been happening in luxury retail – did you miss the trend? We now live in a world where four mega-corporations own the majority of luxury fashion brands we all know and love - Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga, Dior, Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Fendi, Celine, Saint Laurent and hundreds more - all controlled by the same ‘Big 4’ companies.  Their dominance is unparalleled, influencing the fashion, design and shopping choices made available to millions of consumers worldwide. As much as we adore the well-known brands, have we lost something along the way on this fast-track to consolidation? Where does the independent designer find a place in this challenging world of mega-mergers and...
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Man versus Machine -The debate rages on!

One of the best fashion exhibits in recent memory happened last year -Inspired by the 1927 film “Metropolis”, The Costume Institute of the Met in NYC decided to turn the ongoing debate of manmade versus machine-made on its head:  Their exhibit Manus x Machina explored “how fashion designers are reconciling the handmade and the machine-made in the creation of haute couture and avant-garde ready to wear…” The exhibit spanned almost 100 years of haute-couture and prêt-à-porter from Charles Worth, Madeleine Vionnet and Dior to Prada, Maiko Takeda and Gareth Pugh. Those of us with a ‘handmade’ bias found the 3D printed creations intriguing and fascinating (Wearable?  Perhaps not!) but there was something truly magical about the ‘old-school’ hand-embroidered, hand-beaded, hand-woven...
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Top 2017 Fashion Trends: Pink Power!

Think Pink! From the palest blush to neon bright - Spring/Summer 2017 fashion week runways were awash in all shades of pink.   Maybe its a resurgence or re-affirmation of female power or simply nostalgia – whatever the reason, pink is everywhere. But take note - there was nothing overtly “sweet” or precious about the pink on offer at Valentino, Celine, Hermes and others. The new modern pink has “bite” -   “pink” at NYC fashion week was soft and serious, but in Milan and Barcelona, pink was bold and spicy.   Even the palest shades were far from juvenile and full of attitude. If the colour pink is new to you, don’t be intimidated. There is a perfect shade of pink for...
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Top 2017 Fashion Trends: Rufflemania

Are you a ‘frill seeker’? If so, you're in luck this season - whether it's frothy sleeves or triple-decker hemlines, ‘rufflemania’ continues well into 2017.   The fashion staple made popular by 16th century Elizabethans (the "ruff") has been nipped-tucked-pleated-gathered and transformed with contemporary flare. In 2016 the ruffle was all about tulle. This season, designers have opted for flounces and frills of cotton or sumptuous silks to update the popular trend. From Giambattista Valli in Paris to MSGM in Milan – sleeves floated, light-as-air while skirts rippled in undulating waves.  The updated ruffle is fresh and modern:  still romantic but with an edge (see our “Manhattan” dress). Proportions are super-important to making this look work: pair ruffled collared shirts...
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Top 2017 Fashion Trends: Graphic Content

The Bold and The Beautiful! The fashion mantra of the season truly delivers with eye-popping abstracts, bold-bright graphics, stylized word-art, globs of amoeba-like retro dots and a kaleidoscope of splatter prints.   From hair-raising all-over prints (yes – including boots) at Balenciaga to the more subdued geometrics at Talbot Runhof - print and pattern has never been more fun.   The best looks translate the usual ‘shock-and-awe’ of the runway into relatable, ‘wearable art’ (check out our stunning “Graffiti” dress from Justicia Ruano). So how do YOU wear the look and not have the look ‘wear ‘you? Here are a few simple suggestions:  1) Choose a piece with a dominant colour or tone that you already wear well and love...
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Top 2017 Fashion Trends: STATEMENT SLEEVES

Go With the Flow! Bell, butterfly, ruffled, ruched, cinched, laced, flared, pleated, leg-of-mutton…who knew the common sleeve could be so uncommon! Decadently overblown and exaggerated, the retro inspired trend of statement sleeves carries forward into 2017. Spring/summer RTW collections reinterpreted historic sleeve details from the 1800’s Romantic Movement straight through to 70’s boho chic and updated the look with contemporary flare. From Chanel and Alexander McQueen to Stella McCartney and Talbot Runhof – spring /summer 2017 sleeves had big attitude in runway shows - all hail the updated “puffy shirt”! The key to mastering the big-sleeve look is balancing volume – wear shirts belted to create a peplum effect or with skinny trousers, stirrup pants (yes, stirrups are back and...
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Top 2017 Fashion Trends: NAVY & BLACK

Navy is the New Black! It's no accident  "blue" is the world's favourite colour!   In almost every country and every culture on the planet, the preference for the colour "blue" consistently outpaces all other contenders.   Why?  Is it the super cool quality?  The calming effect?  The subconscious connection to ocean and sky?  Whatever the reason, if "blue" is your colour, 2017 is YOUR year! This season, the fashion world has cast "blue" in general and "navy" in particular as the new neutral. Since navy is the 'new black' - designers have naturally combined the two colours in intriguing ways:  From chunky footwear to velvet jackets and tulle dresses, spring/summer 2017 collections were awash with the new power combo....
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Top 2017 Fashion Trends: The BOMBER JACKET

  Take Flight! Originally designed for fighter pilots in WW1 – The bomber jacket obsession went into overdrive in 2016 and shows no signs of being grounded in 2017. The 'bomber-with-everything' look popularized and glamourized by models and celebrities alike – Kylie, Karlie and Gigi to name a few – takes full flight into spring /summer 2017. From Fashion Week catwalks in Beijing, Paris and NYC to Milan street style, the versatile bomber was well represented in the 2017 spring/summer collections. This season, the bomber has truly been elevated – street style meets couture - Embellished with faux fur (see our "Sasha jacket" from Anouk Studios), satin, appliqué, sequins or bold silks - designers let their imaginations run wild. The only rule...
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