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Top 2017 Fashion Trends: NAVY & BLACK
Navy is the New Black!

It's no accident  "blue" is the world's favourite colour!  

In almost every country and every culture on the planet, the preference for the colour "blue" consistently outpaces all other contenders.  

Why?  Is it the super cool quality?  The calming effect?  The subconscious connection to ocean and sky?  Whatever the reason, if "blue" is your colour, 2017 is YOUR year!

This season, the fashion world has cast "blue" in general and "navy" in particular as the new neutral.

Since navy is the 'new black' - designers have naturally combined the two colours in intriguing ways:  From chunky footwear to velvet jackets and tulle dresses, spring/summer 2017 collections were awash with the new power combo.  Contrasting details  in white or khaki (such as collars or belts) were also used to accentuate the look.

Navy adds depth and interest to an all black look - even better when there's an added mix of textures like lace (see our "Kelly Lace Dress").

Not convinced navy and black go together?  Just think about how great you look in your favourite black-T and denim...hmmm...

Time to throw out the old rules and  happily 'Sing the Blues'!

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