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Top 2017 Fashion Trends: Graphic Content

The Bold and The Beautiful!

The fashion mantra of the season truly delivers with eye-popping abstracts, bold-bright graphics, stylized word-art, globs of amoeba-like retro dots and a kaleidoscope of splatter prints.  

From hair-raising all-over prints (yes – including boots) at Balenciaga to the more subdued geometrics at Talbot Runhof - print and pattern has never been more fun.  

The best looks translate the usual ‘shock-and-awe’ of the runway into relatable, ‘wearable art’ (check out our stunning “Graffiti” dress from Justicia Ruano).

So how do YOU wear the look and not have the look ‘wear ‘you? Here are a few simple suggestions: 

1) Choose a piece with a dominant colour or tone that you already wear well and love (if you look amazing in emerald green then opt for a piece with that shade as the main colour)

2) Wear just one statement piece at a time - keep everything else - accessories, footwear and even sunglasses, simple.

3) Go at your own pace – if wearing a full outfit of fabulous, riotous print is not your thing then use accessories to capitalize on the trend – opt for an oversized bag in bold geometrics or wear a pair of colourfully patterned leggings (or tights) under a monochromatic dress in a neutral shade (yes you can wear leggings under a dress – its totally acceptable this season!) 

Finally, whatever you wear – wear it with confidence. Confidence is the best ‘accessory’ ever!

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