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Shiny Happy People!

Is "bling" your thing?

Does your heart skip a beat at the sight of glitter?

If “more-is-more” is your personal mantra then this is YOUR season!

Runways this season were sparkling with bedazzled Chanel booties, monochromatic gilt and glitz from MM6 Margiela, over-the-top layered feathers and bows on a crystal sea at Giambattista Valli or an elegant drizzle of falling stars at Givenchy – all the world’s aglow in metallic light.

Accent your look with black, champagne, lavender or sherbert to add dimension and softness. 

Gold is the standby but silver is the scene-stealer – molten, liquid or burnished.

The light show even leaps off the runway and transforms home décor. 

Deck the halls with a shower of sequinned pillows (nothing says "diva" like a sequinned pillow carelessly tossed across your bed!) 

Or, indulge in some shameless self-adornment - load up on whimsical stackable jewels – make a statement with strands of beaded necklaces and bracelets (think 1980’s Madonna!)

Own it – it’s your time to shine!